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Who Am I Really?

This question can be as shallow or as deep as you like it to be. The use of the word “really” implies that one is looking to find an answe...

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My personality | personality tests

Gain self-insight into:

your team role, your leadership style, your work personality and more

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What drives me | my motivation

Gain self-insight into:

your motivators, your values, your preferred work environment and more

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My journey | career tests, career development, professional development

Gain self-insight into:

your interests, your career, your professional development and more

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How i decide, learn and think | personal development

Gain self-insight into:

your mental aptitudes, your learning style, your thinking style and more

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Other stuff about me

Gain self-insight into:

overseas assignment preparedness, studying away from home, sports attitude and more

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Personality Tests. Career Tests. Career Development.
Welcome to MeMyselfI - your portal to rich self-insights delivered through your responses to the very same scientifically robust questionnaires that fortune 500 and blue chip organisations use in their recruitment processes to identify the risk and potential inherent in top candidates.

  • Perhaps you are entering a team and want an objective analysis of your style.
  • Perhaps you are nearing the end of your formal education and do not know what you really want to do.
  • Maybe you are thinking of studying away from home – will you stick with it?
  • Or maybe you would like to have a good look at how you might go “pear shaped” under pressure.

These insights and many more are available here from the authority on robust dependable self-insight – MeMyselfI

MeMyselfI delivers rich and dependable self-insights through a range of questionnaires developed by psychologists and researchers covering a range of personality tests, career tests and much more.

Our goal is to deliver meaningful self insight to you that aids you in your professional, personal or career development decisions.

We have a range of personality tests that are designed to offer the most accurate and in-depth assessment of your personality.

An easy-to-understand report is compiled and provided for each personality test giving you rich self-insight right at your fingertips.

Furthermore, our personality tests can be accompanied by a telephone feedback session that allows you to ask questions and seek clarification about the provided report.

You can view a full range of personality tests available right now! Alternatively, you can find out why our personality tests lead the market